Artist’s Statement

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Annie has been a modern batik artist for most of her adult life. This is the medium that unlocks her creativity and continues to thrill and challenge her.

She has worked and trained with artists in both Ghana and Indonesia exchanging skills and collaborating on batiks. The process of batik involves making fine lines and brush strokes on cotton or silk with hot fluid wax, the consistency of runny honey, using an Indonesian tool called a tjanting.

The wax marks soak into the fabric and harden quickly, creating a barrier to the natural dyes that are later applied on top of the fabric with a soft brush. Layer upon layer of wax goes on layer upon layer of colour. From the beginning Annie saw how her artworks could be adapted to the world of design in many different ways.

In recent years she has collaborated with numerous designers and architects. In these projects her original batiks have been printed and glazed onto an array of surfaces from canvas to voiles to glass. She has also worked closely with skilled weavers in Nepal and India creating bespoke hand woven rugs inspired by and created from her original artworks.

Her next step was to transform her artworks into a broad range of designs for fabrics, homeware and apparel. Over the last few years she is proud to have established successful relationships with selected wholesalers and retail partners. Annie’s original source of inspiration, batik, remains the same. Translating it from pure art to the world outside is her passion. Her creative journey arrives full circle with ‘art for living’.


Branding Statement

The Annie Phillips art for living brand generates creative design ideas by taking inspiration from the Annie Phillips archive of over 300 original artworks. Artworks are applied individually or combined to create compositions that dance and move across a surface. Space and pattern are dynamically interwoven through the unique rhythm of stripes developed by Annie Phillips creating the recognisable look of the brand.

This process is a cocktail of the ancient craft of batik, modern technology and the passionate use of colour, pattern and form. The desire is to create surface decoration that is both uplifting and playful and where the final result is a ‘little piece of art for everyday living’.

A sampling of clients and retailers where my work has been sold
Abbey Road Studios
Barneys New York
Bergdorf Goodman
Fortnum & Mason
Holiday Inn Express
Neiman Marcus
Orlebar Brown
Pizza Express
Rocco Forte Hotels
Saks Fifth Avenue
Somerset House
Stella McCartney
Syon Park
Teenage Cancer Trust