NEW: Annie's 2nd Rug Collection for the USA will be launched in NYC at the end of September 2015.

Annie Phillips hanging her batiks

I am a batik artist whose work is used by individual clients, designers and architects for domestic and commercial projects.

My aim is to create innovative and uplifting work that inspires, challenges and excites.

Batik is a wax and dye process on fabric that originated in Asia and Africa: it works on the principle that wax resists colour. I use traditional tools called juntings when applying wax to fabric and over the years I have extended the dying process to create bold images which retain elements of the intricacy found in conventional batik.

When working with clients my goal is to be as adaptable as possible to ensure that my artwork fits in with their schemes. Over 220 of my artworks are now available in print form. For a comprehensive CD of my work please email me.